The Area

The village of Stoupa


Stoupa is a picturesque and serene seaside village in Mani, the southernmost tip of the gorgeous Peloponnese. The Mani is a region of Messinia, famous for its dry, sunny climate almost nine months a year.

Stoupa is well known for its spectacular beaches and exquisite landscape at the foot of magnificent Mt. Taygetos, offering the visitor the best of sun, sea and mountains year-round. An enchanting village that charms its visitors, drawing them back year after year. In the summer the water and the sandy beaches tempt all lovers of the sun and the sea. Stoupa in the winter calls to those who like traditional Greece, warm days and long walks in wildflower-strewn olive groves.

Stoupa’s milder winters make it ideal for winter getaways.  As Tria Luxury Residence is available year-round, it makes it the perfect place for all seasons.

Life in Stoupa


The area has three beaches, Stoupa, Kalogria and Halikoura. Every evening the sunset tints the sea with the most marvellous colours – the best time of the day for the village. It is a time for taking idyllic photos, strolling on the beach or walking to the nearby picturesque village of Lefktron.

East of the village rises Beaufort castle, which was the Acropolis of the ancient city of Lefktron. According to Pausanias, the ancient Greek historian, there was a temple and the statue of the goddess “Athena”.


Yes, the main beach of Stoupa, where you can find numerous bars, tavernas and restaurants, is just a three minute walk from Tria

Our advice here is to go, explore and try the many different restaurants. Stoupa has so much to offer when it comes to good cuisine. Don’t forget to visit Paralos Beach Bar down on Kalogria beach.

As all vistors to Stoupa know it has some of the best beaches in the Peloponnese, all of them within walking distance from Tria. Stoupa Beach is 3 minute (300 meter walk) Kalogria Beach is a 12 minute walk away. There is also the hidden beach of Halikoura which is just a 6 minute walk

Yes Tria Apartments are open and happy to welcome you all year round

Stoupa is quite different during the winter months. Many of the restaurants close and of course the weather is cooler. Don’t let this put you off though, there is a whole different beauty to Stoupa during the winter months. There are still places open to eat and drink. Less people, a more community feel. Warm days many of which could be spent on the (quiet) beaches. There are many walking options that would be a little off-putting in the summer heat. For those who have never experienced winter in Stoupa, the wildflowers will be a wonderful surprise with their plethora of colours wherever you look. You can also hire a car and explore the wider area of the Mani and Messinia – there is a lot to discover

Kalamata Airport is the closest to Stoupa located approximately an hour away.

Yes, if you are having difficulty finding one for you stay with us don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange one for you

Yes, in fact it keeps getting easier to travel down from Athens, either by Taxi, Hire Car or by Bus. Feel free to contact us for help if you are looking to stay with it