Stoupa is a picturesque and serene seaside village in Mani, the southern-most tip of the gorgeous Peloponnese. The Mani a region of Messinia is famous for its dry, sunny climate almost nine months a year. Ideal for winter getaways. Available year-round.A place for all seasons.
Stoupa, which is located located 45 km from the city of Kalamata and 55km from the airport, is well known for its spectacular beaches and exquisite landscape at the foot of magnificent Mt. Taygetos, offering the visitor the best of sun, sea and mountain year-round. An enchanting village that charms the visitors all year round, drawing them back year after year. In the summer the sea and the sandy beaches tempt all lovers of the sun and the sea. The area has two beaches, Stoupa and Kalogria. Every evening the sunset tints the sea with the most marvellous colours – the best time of the day for the village. It is a time for taking idyllic photos, strolling on the beach or walking to the nearby picturesque village of Lefktron.
East of the village rises Beaufort castle , which was the Acropolis of the ancient city of Lefktron. According to Pausanias , the ancient Greek historian, here was a temple and the statue of goddess “Athena”.
Nikos Kazantzakis, the writer, and Alexis Zorbas one of his famous characters lived here. (1917-1918).

​Your proprietors are Barbara and Yannis who also own and run “Paralos” Beach Bar,

where our visitors can spend the day swimming, sunning, snacking, reading or just resting in a delightful environment right on Stoupa’s most beautiful and popular Kalogria Beach.

Paralos is also an ideal location for summer events, weddings and gatherings

Based in Mani, your host is also creator of the fashion brand Nymphi Design.

Bespoke evening gowns, Bridal gowns and bridal accessories.

The wild setting of the Mani, rich in legends and abundant in light and color, offered the inspirationfor Barbara Dimitrea and the creation of Nymphi.

A nymph in Greek mythology is a creature of haunting beauty. She is free to dwell, to dance and sing in the mountains, springs, rivers and groves. She is connected to her natural surrounding and her beauty reflects her divine spirit.

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